Pro-Pain 33 visitas

Documented tactics - our motives are clear
Anonymously bogus sent to you from us here
A lethal proposition that you'll read as you weep
While the bombings so relentless to deprive you of sleep

The torture never stops - no leaders give in
Yet the people have to suffer from desires to win
This hopeless situation seems to work itself out
To politically extinguish spreculation and doubt

And are we in control? If so, are we content?
Is god to save us all? Then so we must repent!

Wasting precious time defacing the place
You got the world by the balls with no saving of face
A fist in the air and a foot in the grave
For this "the land of the free" - "the home of the brave"

Objectives achieved - now it's time to get back
Twas a succesful operation - a strategic attack
The policy prevailed at whatever the cost
And so the stories were told of lives that were lost

The search for E-Z prey is what we must endure
In all a shade of grey - we took this road before


Calling all the shots - our decider of fate
Is so self-rightously twisted - a reason to hate
A lifeless depression sets over us
While we aimlessly cling to our thoughts of what was

And are we in control? If so, are we content?
Is god to save us all? If so, we must repent!


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