Pagan Throne

Trial Of The Gods

Pagan Throne
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Composição: Rodrigo Garm, Raphael Casotto

The abode of the gods where dwell the brave fallen in battles the warrior only victory or death by the sword on palaces of gold the glories of eternal life with the gods

In the cold forests
Battles of blood are fought
The hordes queued plan the attack
Deep within our warriors lies the thrill of death
The enemy marches to battle

In the deep silence of darkness
From the shadows of the earth
The battle for command
Power flows through our swords
Under the moonlight the pagan blade shines
See the flaming arrows
That cross the battlefield

Blood in the wind, death in the air
Warriors march for the battle

Raise your weapons, fight with glory
Retake the pagan throne

The final blow, blood in your face
Your body dilacerated in battle
The final blow
In your hands the blood of enemies
Your body enters a pit of flames

The wolves are fed the flesh of enemies
Bodies thrown into the pile of remains
Rotting corpses
The smell of death spreads everywhere
Death has come to the noble warrior

The enemy fire is still present
The black mist blurred vision
The eyes try to touch the stars
But the clouds are too gray

Inside the certainty of victory
In his hands the blood of the enemy
In the game created by the gods
They decide who should die

The fate belongs to the gods of war
Your destination is the fervor of battle
Dying for your kingdom
Enforcing the death by the sword

His brothers are waiting on the other side
To celebrate the eternal life
Raise your swords noble warriors
Hail the gods of war

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