Pagan Throne

Northern Forests

Pagan Throne
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Cold Forests of north

The riddle of the mountains of the north
Where pagan memories bleed
Of hordes that through darkness ridden
Bringing magic of ancestral rites

Ancient rites under moonrise
Ancient cults for pagan pride
For the sacred rest of the soul
For the secret of the pagan art

Oh! King of the Kings
Show us the way to immortality
The black sun born in the horizon
The master of illusion
Leads us through path of fire
The black light of the day discloses
The end of the age

In the darkness portal
Haunting voices recite death words
The age of the blood becomes true
In the old forests of the north
Over the chaos and the plague
Ascend from the ashes of time
The age of gods

The secret for the perpetual life
In the cold forests of north

The immensurable forests of distant lands
Where pagan memories bleed
In the cold forests of north
Ascend of ashes of the time
The God's age

By the sign of victory
At the old forests of north
In distant forest the power of your sword reigns
Oh! Great master of war
Your name was glorified in battles
Show us through the ashes of time
The age of gods

From the age of gods

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