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Countess of Night

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Countess of the night

Those eyes like balls of fire
I see there's no way out

Her thirst for blood make me afraid
Owned by her demoniac beauty

I offer my blood to satiate her thirst
An immense pleasure takes my body

Her mistresses are attracted by the smell of my blood
Devouring my body in adoration to the countess

I leave behind my Imperfect and Heavy body
This is the death, destroying my destiny

Night demons contemplate my funeral

Upon the moon light
My body has taken life again
I'm free for all the eternity
The countess brought the immortality

By the horizon
I hear voices coming from the forest
She calls my name
The countess lost her immortality

Sacrifice made to save my spirit
Her body in a putrid way
offering no more life
Tears dropping from my face
I take her mortal rests with me for all the eternity

Countess of night - Calls my name
Countess of night - Upon the moon light
Countess of Night - Tears in my face
Countess of Night - Forever

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