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The Pagan Throne, originated in Rio de Janeiro, was created in 1998 under the name Bloodythiirsty and had a rough start. With only one year of formation the horde had already decided to record the first CD, "The Unholy Sign of Hell" was released in 2001 following a trend death metal with some elements of heavy metal. The Horde has to make several presentations getting positive reviews and negative with respect to three different vocal. The current lineup was established and the directions were reviewed, the name was changed from the horde was then the emerging "Pagan Throne." Currently on tour for his new CD "The Way To The Northern Gates" The same is conducted with great honor by warriors: Rodrigo Garm (vocals), Raphael Casotto (guitar), Eddie Torres (bass) and Alexander Daemortiis (drums).


The Unholy Sign Of Hell (2001)

Pagan Throne (2003)

Northern Forests (2007)

The Northern Way To The Gates (2010)


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