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Love Ain't The Question (Love Ain't the Answer)

Nana Mouskouri
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Composição: Hazel Smith

There's no doubt about it
Love ain't the question
And love ain't the answer
To what's coming down

With more than enough
To hold most folks together
We're lost more than average
Folks ever have found

We can't kiss and make up
Make love and take up
Somewhere where we left off
Somewhere where we've been

'Cause love ain't the question
And love ain't the answer
From the beginning
It was destined to end

"No, love ain't the question"
And love ain't the answer
For two head strong people
To set in our ways

We can't stay apart
And we can't stay together
A couple of misfits
That love cannot save

We've got love for givin'
And got love for takin'
But there's no forgiving
There's no giving in

Refrain (Bis)

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