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Magister Templi
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Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal - Norway
Lyrical themes: Occult Fiction, Doom

Abraxas d'Ruckus: Vocals
Baphomet: Guitar
Patriark: Guitar
Akoman: Bass
Grimmdun: Drums

Demo Demo 2010
Iao Sabao! EP 2012
Lucifer Leviathan Logos - 2013

Magister Templi first saw the light of day in 2008 when singer Abraxas d'Ruckus and bassist/guitarist David (Baphomet) Ulleland decided it was about time to start playing together, knowing that their taste in music had been just about identical for a decade or two. Magister Templi was originally a slightly folky hard rock group featuring drummer Ole Kvien (Gatecrashers) and violinist Anne Goro Haugland (Lamia). It did, however, not take long before the lyrics took a more esoteric turn drawing heavily on imagery from alchemy and ritual magic. When Anne and Ole were replaced by guitarist Simon Kunish Aarseth (YBB) and drummer Egil Haugli (Feilfødt/Defective) the music would also take a leap towards classic heavy metal and doom that can be heard on the bands first demo Lucifer/Restoration (2010). Focusing on other projects Egil and Simon were eventually replaced by drummer Audun (Grimmdun) Ulleland and guitarist Patrick (Patriark/Fjellnord) Møller Nilsen, both hailing from the black metal band Svarttjern. This pushed the band further in the direction of old school heavy metal and doom and made the sound slightly harder and more dirty.

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