Magister Dixit

The Rebirth of Our North

Magister Dixit
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All these poor bastards standing in emptyness
Wearing the mask of redemption with nothing to
Facing the growing age of the world
While the true warriors plan armageddon (chaos!)

The rebirth of our north
Lies will be covered by snow
The rebirth of our north
Their loss shall be our victory

You may call us evil our race just wait to dominate
Hiding in the darkness our shadows torment your dreams
As raven we fly, waiting to feed on your corpses
Honorable creatures misunderstood baptized Anti-christ

Blasphemous beast of the north
Slowly impaling your new born child
Blasphemous beast of the north
Sweeping you like leafs under an autumn wind

Thousand eyes watching from the blizzard
ready to die for what they believe in
There is no escaping this time
A new era of Ice

A kind of prophecy
The eternal winter is rising
as a cold flow of blood in their veins
The battle is neverending
against the nordic beasts
As much blood had flew

The snow is all stained with red
The smell of thousand corpses
Doesn't stop there

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