Magister Dixit

Sight of the Dark Prophets

Magister Dixit
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Les prophetes de l'obscur avaient tout predit
c'est eerit dans le livre d'Isha
United like never
The mitgon army is on training
Preparing themselves for war!

The mitgon army is ready to fight
against the tragedic mage
The ghost of hyldeon
is in contact with Golemgorth
The revelation... freedom is far from now
///beasts of Azagath are everywhere
Killing the children and wives
blood is spilling on the ground

Torture... massacre...
Sights of the dark prophet

I do believe in mitgons...
their will is strong
since their king has understood
...He teaches the truth...
well. I'm sure it is...

Darklord is surrounded by the spirits of ancient evil
An army of shosts hidden in the mountains

But hyldeon knows a secret
without beeing sure
there must be people in the ground

The land of kirstarum
is far below us
I don't know if they're victims
of the killing firestorm
Thularis was the king of the underground people

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