Magister Dixit

Blackthrone of the Mitgon King

Magister Dixit
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The seal is broken
the secret is no more
by thousands they're coming
fighters of the dark

generations hidden in the ground
no trace of sun
the underground people

witness of the firestorm
the last of human (beings)
unknown by azagath
under the scepter of thularis
the last of human king
the legend of a trained warrior
ready to perish to save the secret crypt

the will to kill cam fast to the ears of thularis
and then to dream he came to him

(Hyldeon ghostly whispers)

Thularis support the war against azagath
follow the path of golemgorth
the reign of the unholy throne
...has begun

this union could be powerful
this army would be strong

we must bring back the book of Isha to our druids
bring back... the book of Isha
to the blackthrone of the mitgon king
blackthrone of the mitgon king

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