I Desecrate Your Art

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I'm standing on the top of the world
I'm throwing my hands in the air
I'm. driving my minds to the near God
but he is melting me with the rain.
My little children are dying from starvation
supplicately eyes are looking at the crucifix
but their body rotting and left only ashes.
My father has swimed in the illness for years.
My feet have gone thousand miles
to your holy, healy church.
But he died and my mother cried

Where are you God ?
Why your Eden is untouchables kingdom
not for every people?
Human hopes in unfulfilment lives.
Where is your compassion?
Your people says that compassion
is our life. This is lie.
This is deathly experiment.
You cheated me my God.
Broke my hands or
I desecrate your Art.
Lost faith.

Human woman Mary born you
in the judish fucking town. For what?
Tell me why your cross has become
only a sign, not survive.
Evil winds will come and carry us down.
I want endless pain.
Your body nailed to a cross
won't help me and others people
because we don't believe in you
and you don't believe in us

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