Darkness, My Name Is

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Arise from black abyss.
Awaken from eternal dream
To devour suns firmament embellishing.
No Light let blackened fields in Hypnos kingdom dwell.
I am here and now to invite darkness towards hearts longing for lustre
And black fear humble minds, mercy in White God was looking for.
I am, have been and will be
Darkness, My Name is.

Bring you frozen
Life without warm
Hiss of extinguish candles my announcers
extinguish shadows my tracers.
Nobody will see brightness eyes shining like sapphire in precious ring.
Nobody will see burning torches which give them help on crooked ways.
Cos eternal Darkness in her claws poor world seized strong and assuredly
Darkness, My Name is

Come with me in me.
Come with me in lightless sphere.
Come with me in me.
Darkness, My Name is.

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