Mael Mórdha

The Serpent And The Black Lake

Mael Mórdha
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A vast dark expanse
Of cold silent wave
Stretches between us.
Bleak and miserable
-It mocks Me.
-It taunts Me.
Reminding Me of My failure.

Away you stand
Far from Me.
Alone, on a barren mount
Fearful and majestic.
Your head white
As the snow which rests on the grass.

Dark crevasses carved deep
Run cold with icy tears
Fallen from Heaven.

When will we be one?
You stay silent yet beacon to me.
Unable to resist I follow,
Leaving Me behind.
The waters rise cold
And attempt to drown Me.
But I care not.
Further I wade into the gloom.

I awake too late
A serpent black and terrifying
Swallows me in His fierce jaws
As we both sink in screaming waters
Of eternal torture
And endless suffering.

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