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Mael Mórdha
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Flying went the Ficheal Board as Mael Mórdha entered a rage
At the sons of the Boróimhe for the taunts which they spake
About deeds past of which they scarcely knew,
Mighty was the fury into which the King flew.

Back, back, back he rode, from the High King's Dún, Brí­an's messenger with peace offering had his skull clove in two. The sea between Laighean and the Lochlannaigh host Grew thick with their dragonboats fierce as Sitric Norse King of Dubh Linn summoned a great host.

With Gormfhlaith, Mórdha's sister, as the main bait, The Norsemen flocked from the Shetlands, Hebrides and Orkneys. The holy land of Mannanán, halfway across the sea, From Cornwall, Flanders and Normandy, they came for the melée.

Brí­an on hearing of invaders many gathered his clanns and headed east.
At Cluain Tarbh they did assemble and prepared for great slaughter.
Flying the banner of the raven black the Lochlannaigh host did attack; Victory prophecised on that day: Good Friday 1014.

Gael fought Viking fought Viking fought Gael as their weapons drank their fill, The tide was turning against Ború 'til Mael Seachlainn arrived with forces new. D'eitilt an Mórrigán trasna Cluain Tarbh, the warriors of Wodea turned and fled.
The Boróimhe forces led great slughter. Mannanán took their longships. The sea turned red.

Brodar came from Man seeking Brí­an's wife, Brodar fled the battle taking Brí­an's life. He fought a bloody fight at the edge of Tomar's wood, Cutting the High King down in his tent: Brí­an's Shieldgeld then slew Brodar too.

Many men went to Valhalla, still more to Donn's cave. Though the power of the Lochlannaigh was broken on that day. Did die the kings of Orkney, Hebrides and Man, So too did die Mael Mórdha, did the sons of Brí­an's clann. The Kingship of Ériu did revert to the King of old, Mael Seachlainn returned to Tara to reclaim its halls as his own.

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