Mael Mórdha

Atlas of Sorrow

Mael Mórdha
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These sorrows of life are crippling
But I still yearn for more.
Enslaved by the demon
Since time immemorial.

Bowing beneath the weight
Of this yoke made of lead.
Atlas of ancient times
Had but the world upon his head,
But I bare the sorrows
And crippling pain
Of all men and beast
Ever made

Miserable I stand
The World's sorrow on my head.
Half of me would have me
Cast them aside.
Half of me would have me
Hold them 'till I die.
That is my life.

I endeavour to make pleasantries with all the world
But I fail....
And I fail terribly.
I don't know if I can bare this anymore....
I am Atlas Of Sorrow.

The spark ignites.
The fuel about to be lit.
The flames explode.

The inferno spreads.
My soul awakes
You will all burn
(No) I cannot take this anymore....
You're all going to die
Let me alone,.
A frenzy, Is taking place.

I have lost control
You will all burn.
If you touch me....
If you touch me you will all

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