Mael Mórdha

A Window of Madness

Mael Mórdha
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Shadows of the past seem destined to haunt.
A feeling of ghosts stare at me - taunt
And cast a darkness across what I felt would be free from such baggage
Which I realise was a mistake
What advantage be gained from keeping alive images from another time.
Guilt, hurt, anger and envy do make themselves felt aplenty
Why it seems to me that I will ne'er have her truly to myself when acts and deed stare at me from a shelf
I really wish one as her could move on and so condemning such feelings to begone.
Have a moment such as this
A window in a life of Madness
Where possible to be removed to a distance safe in order to peer in.
Be a blessing which I should fail to forget though happening as an accident.
It has been the most wonderful of Sages while my mind does drift gleaning wisdom of the ages.
Murdered fish for my pleasure fills my belly full of treasure
-Food for the belly, for the mind, for the soul helps me right the wrongs of old.
I try successless to end this torture entered as I reason with the idea without sun endless.
And to my mind, still though I try to understand why….. Senseless.

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