Made To Be Broken

Season Of Hopes

Made To Be Broken
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Can you picture this nightmare
I am living here and now.
Can you see me?
The words i said before now

Are just a memory of
What i used to be before
The ghost of a man
That didn't say i love you

And in regrets, i would

Give me just one chance to live
I swear i will make things right
Let me be
Part of your heart for all your life

Can you taste this
Take my hand and lets forget,
What was robbed from us
In this
Snowy night,
I'm living a moment, suspended in time

I would like to
Stay here just for
This dark cold night
I need to hold you
And i would
Give everything for you and
You, i...
Can't take this... anymore
I can't
I'm dying for you
And now i am on my way to the other

Santa give me hopes, fill me with strength
God i believe in you
Now, i beg you

You can let me die, well i'll refuse your salvation
Just to stay here like a ghost, just to stay here like a ghost
Just to say see you
Later to all, to all

Oh santa please, hey take my hand
And guide me
Home tonight i wont stay,
Here to die to die

Now i'll go home,
You can
Give more hopes than
Death, can you save more lives? can
You fill the lies
With truth?

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