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Something Wrong At The Playground

Mad Caddies
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well grade school never meant that much to me
i started smokin at the age of 13
back of the class thats where wed hang around
but they could not bring us down
and now theyre on the run
little johnnys mad and hes got a gun
just kids having fun
you cant deny
no alibi
i saw you back when you were just like them
i know its true
and we all fall down together
ashes to ashes as we burn this fucker down
on the merry go round the kids are learning
yeah theres something wrong at the playground.

well high school was just a holding cell for me
with no freedom as we learn democracy
spent most of my days in the back lot
a cherry burning bright but a future thats not
and now were on the run
try not to think a lot and just keep on having fun
no responsibility
you cant deny
no alibi
you were just like them i saw you back then
i know its true


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