Love to Live By

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Gamma light so bright, so tender to me
You call when I'm too too high
yuuei shite beautiful...
Can I wonder into my soul?

* I want a love to live by
kimi to ittai
So onegai yo... baby
chotto mitai ai no sekai
Holding you close to me forevermore...
me forevermore...

You are so... ten kara drop shita pearl!
suimen ripple, uzu ga maku whirl-wind thru cities...
choppiri kotteri, nokketai cherry
Cream on top demo netsu de tokeri-ing
karada ga touch, ase de suberi... I'm ready, it's very
Cold outside dakedo atatakai kono vibes
Slow nan dakedo jikan sugiru no hayai and I
Know TAIMINGU wa now, not later on
dakara let's go! datte, datte you said you want a...

* repeat

I like the way you are it's true me mireba Hey!
dare datte wakaru, nani kangaeteru no ka
Just be careful, my heart's sensitive
You!... and Ms. Little doko no dare da
kawaranai girl I can go NOW!
You - can't - treat - love - like - it's - all the same
that's what you say, but that ain't my way... Away babe
You can't let your temper run me, yeah
You know why? It's 'cause I...

* repeat

Oh... yeah... sure... ima mo you and I
Lullaby... utau mae... got to find...speed of light
de let me run to you
Can this love ever see the chakuchi point that's so real?
It's real if it's real to you
ienai koto nante nai, just be you... come on baby!

* repeat

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