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Johanna Kurkela (born April, 1985 in Lumijoki, Finland) grew up in a small town called Lumijoki, which has a population of approximately 2000 people. Lumijoki is located on the seaside, 40 kilometers south of Oulu, the fifth largest city in Finland. Lumijoki translates directly to "Snowriver" which suites Johanna's story perfectly, carrying the same kind of mystic vibe in its name, as you can hear in Johanna's music.
Johanna's first official appearance as a Warner artist was "Tahdon Tanssia Kanssasi", a duet with Tomi Metsäketo in 2004. Johanna's debut album Hetki Hiljaa was released in 2005.
2007 was a big year for "Snowrivers rising star". Johanna performed two songs at the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest, "Olet uneni kaunein" & "Jossain metsäin takana". Even though she didn't make it through to the Eurovision finals, she was chosen as the favorite contestant by the Finnish Eurovision fan base.

Johanna's second album Marmoritaivas was released that same year and sold over 20 000 copies. Marmoritaivas includes the songs heard in the Eurovision broadcast, as well as "Sun särkyä anna mä en", one of her most loved tunes.
Johanna's next album Kauriinsilmät (2008) included many themes that combined the mysteries of nature and everyday life.

Hyvästi Dolores Haze (2010) was the first Johanna Kurkela album to shoot straight to No.1 on the album charts. The first single "Rakkauslaulu" has become one of her centerpieces, written by Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus) & Paula Vesala (PMMP). During the same year the song "Prinsessalle" was featured in Arto Halonen's movie Prinsessa.

After a 6-year stint at Warners was through, Johanna signed with Kaiku Recordings, thus returning to Pekka Ruuska's record company. Sudenmorsian (2012) was the first Kaiku -release, and it's first single "Oothan tässä vielä huomenna" became an instant radio hit. The supporting tour was a success, resulting in opportunities to play in bigger venues and reach wider audiences.

The musical style of Johanna Kurkela is unique and not easily placed into a single genre. Johanna's sound combines pop, traditional music, folktales and world music as well as rock, in her own enchanting style.

- Discography


* Hetki hiljaa (2005)
* Marmoritaivas (2007)
* Kauriinsilmät (2008)
* Hyvästi, Dolores Haze (2010)
* Sudenmorsian (2012)
* Joulun Lauluja (2013)


* Olen sinussa (2005)
* Olet uneni kaunein (2007)
* Sun särkyä anna mä en (2007)
* Marmoritaivas (2007)
* Jossain Metsäin Takana (2007)
* Ehkä ensi elämässä (2007)
* Kauriinsilmät (2008)
* Hän ei kävele koskaan (2008)
* Rakkauslaulu (2010)
* Tuo se Mulle (2010)
* Ainutlaatuinen (2010)
* Oothan tässä vielä huomenna (2012)
* Kaikki Askeleet (2012)

Collaborative works

* Tomi Metsäketo - Tummaa samettia: Tahdon tanssia kanssasi (duet) (2004)
* Tilkkutäkki 1: Hiljainen kaupunki (2005)
* Tilkkutäkki 2: Kuule minun ääneni (2006)
* Tilkkutäkki 3: Elämä on nyt (2007)
*Sonata Arctica - The Days Of Grays: No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart, Deathaura (2009)
*Nightwish - Imaginaerum : Song Of Myself (2011)

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