Gary Morris

Back In Her Arms Again

Gary Morris
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Wasn't she the one who picked me up
Set me on my feet when I was fallin'
Wasn't she the one who stayed around
And never let me down when I'd come calling

How could I leave her
I must have lost my mind
I gotta see her
I hope that I'm in time

Back in her arms again
I don't know where I've been
Back in her arms again
I'm goin' home and when
She'll reach to touch me
She'll find the man
I was back then
Back in her arms
Back in her arms again

Maybe I'm the one
Who walked away
Without a single word
To say I'm leavin'
Maybe I'll be comin' back today
Just to find a girl who stopped believin'

I'm gonna show her
The love that would not die
I'm gonna hold her
And keep her satisfied


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