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Wake Up

Composição: Blake Sakamoto / Brion James / Dan Reed / Daniel Pred / Melvin Brannon II

Last night my TV screamed, I could swear it cried
I tried to hear your voice, how beautifully I tried
My rosary of tears poured into your sea
I opened my thirsty fists and got up off my knees
I love to hear the Christians singing underneath the lonely sun
When the autumn skies fall down, tell me where are we gonna run

It's not too late to wake up Tell the future we had enough
There is not much more to say 'cause we're all here together
It's not too late to make up Sayin' sorry is not enough
Show me some truth and I will pray

It's not too late to wake up

Prejudice in the heart is poison in the hand
I see my soul is screamin' across the beaten land
Maybe you can make a movie, tell the children why
I'll be sittin' here singin' about truth baby
I'll sing about two lovers in the backseat gettin' high

It's not too late to wake up...

Next year I hear they're sellin' apartments on the moon
Last train to Mardi Gras and it's leavin' pretty soon
There's a wild dog loose in the station, come with me my friend
We'll ride the rails into the sunset, cruise together in the end

It's not too late to wake up...

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