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I'm Lonely, Please Stay

I see your cryin' eyes
You've heard too many lies but I don't wanna come in and tear your little house down
So open up your mind, little "Miss Divine"
We could be makin' love in every corner of this town

Well I could spend all night playin' only by your rules yeah..
And I could spend all night singing all the lonely blues

Well I'm lonely please stay, in my arms
I'm lonely please stay

So baby take my hand We could change your plans
But I, don't want nobody to tell me what to do
When your world is down, baby I'll be around
But I, just want somebody to whisper into my ear

When your world is up, babe I can't get enough
I just need somebody, I'm lonely, lonely, lonely...

And if the devil don't care, I could brush your hair
And through the window we'd move into the moonlight....

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