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Doin' The Love Thing

Long days take me away from the coolness of your sun lit eyes
One night fallin' in time as the lovers moon begins to rise
You got me burning for you When the raging hunger makes its call
Save me - tell me the words I need to hear my breathing doll

Down Down Down
And we're doin the love thing.
Down Down Down
Your love can take me down

Do you wanna heal me
Come on baby make some time
Do you wanna feel me
Doin' the love thing all through the night

Now I'm a slave to the reckless magic of your mouth
One word straight from your lips & it feels so good it sounds a little somethig like this....
Rise up, I am alive as your fingers run across my soul
Roll me into your arms and your takin me down and

Doin' the love thing..

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