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Dalton Grant
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I've been in and out of firewalks
where the furnace cracks
and the lights go out again
evermore unled
Jesus Christ looked at me and said
hey boy, walk on

see how long it takes
for the sun to touch the ground
like a mist it wraps around
but i know that you're a foe
and i'll wash it all away
and be a warm blanket now
as your life starts to growl

singing smile
even though your heart is breaking
when the walls are shaking
smile when your world is coming down

the carnivores in times of war
are the sacred fortunate
the nation of heaven will come to a stop
as they wait for the news
that's right, i said
we'll walk like kings some day
up there any time you say
i guess this is the game
so i'll


i've got myself in deep




i've got myself in deep
so deep now

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