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[Da Brat] I Don't stop, I stay hot, y'all stay shocked, we keep it locked Just throw yo hands in the air motherfuckas I came to make y'all freak one another I, I keep bangin', I keep slangin' We keep watching niggas die for simple things So I keep swingin', fuckin' a nigga head up Dead up, I'm fed up feel my lead bust [22] Now I don't stop, but I smoke weed I ain't gotta pop rocks no more I got G's Just wave you hands from side to side Cause we gone show keep it live We got greed in our eyes, I keep spittin', I keep rippin' I keep women, I creep and keep hittin' They impressed with my shoe size, deuce I'm with you tonight Girl if you do it right, me and you can do it twice [Da Brat] When I'm called on to bust, wanna get yo brawl on with us Can't ball with us, too hard to touch 22 fuckin' up they callin' us [22] Im the first one off the bus, got nuts to lust They keep rushin' for status, some more than you got it All for cabbage as far as we got it [Da Brat] So don't push me, I'm too close to the edge Bout to go loco on these niggas, leave'em for dead, and [22] When it's time for us, bitch we diamond cut I'm 22, We West-Chi [Da Brat] And I'm da motherfuckin' Brat right Hook: (say 2x) If you won't ride then say so, why play make dough Turn playa hatin' foes to hoes Too strong for your nose, shoot up I got the best blow It's potent and rushed out the stores, cop yours [22] When I hit the door, nigga best move, guess who We ain't got no dress shoes, just a couple scarves and a vest too Test who why you trippin' we came to party Run game and probably leave the party with somebody Gotta be hard, women they love to touch it And when I fuck 'em they hypnotized Sprung cause I hit it right, tongue tied sometimes Like Zinfandel wine, got they mind blown In my zone, I'm a grown man, gone I ain't tryin' to keep her She got nice features, but so do Mesha, Imma keep creepin' Keep getting deeper they playa hate me all of a sudden A new kid bussin', you hear it hush and she Scared to cut___fuckin' too many hoes, me I got Twenty hoes, I'ma hoe, be a hoe, spend the dough, see a show Let it be known playa west to east Cause I'm the dog that fell in love with the Georgia Peach Hook [Da Brat] I heard you wanna hit this twat, nigga I thought not Fell up in the party with a phat knot, glock cocked Got too much of my own shit to stop And look for niggas, when I make any dick rock Shook them niggas, took all they cheese, still they say They body's callin' for me, wanna go half on a seed and shit Fuck that, I got half on the weed and shit and I'm Brat One of a kind of my breed and shit and you can find me On the West Side of Chi with my thieving click, believe a bitch Cause ain't no nigga hated on the pussy yet Squeeze the dick, got grip, they can't forget Ain't a hoe tight like me, flow tight like me Quote, write and recite, fuck all night like me They say is she is or is she ain't a dyke You curious cause you wanna fuck me tonight Hook

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