Am I Blue

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Composição: Grant Clark / Harry Akst

Am I Blue

Am I blue, oh am I blue
Ain't these tears in these eyes telling you

Am I blue, oh you'd be too
I said if each plans with your man
Oh, they done fell through

Oh there was a time
When I was, when I was his only one
But look at me and see now
I'm oh, I'm the sad
I'm the sad and lonely one

I'm a fool and I'm the only one
Was I gay,oh was I gay until today
Oh God, then he's gone, he's gone
And we're through, am I blue

There was a time, there was a time
I said there was a time that I was
His only one, but right now, right now
I'm, oh I'm the sad of the sad
And lonely one, I'm the left behind only one

Am I blue, oh am I blue
Oh, now he's gone and we're through
Oh am I, am I blue
Am I blue

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