Bad Brains

Coming In Numbers

Bad Brains
Bad Brains 37 visitas
Composição: Darryl Jenifer / G. W. Miller

It was a plot to take over, to diveid and conquer was the plan
But there was one thing that they overlooked, the masses and
Multitudes across theis land. woe unto babylon, we're comin in
Numbers. fight for your rights living in babylon and don't
Believe when they tell you this world is just for you. weak
Abandoned by your leader. now you stand alone. loser in a war
Waged against right. wasn't even a fight. fight for your rights
Living in babylon and don't believe when they tell you this
Wrold is just for you. it was a plot to take over. to divide and
Conquer was the plan but there was one thing they overlooked the
Mases and multitudes across this land.

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