Their System Doesn't Work For You

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One day while sitting in my room you came in preaching your words
Predicting doom you've never once been happy with me because I'm
Not what you want me to you tried to teach me to pray
And go to school you tried to teach me to be the systems tool
But you missed what I was smart enough to see that their system
doesn't work for you or me


Oh...don't believe what they say is true oh...their system
doesn't work for you can be what you want to be
oh...don't have to choose to join the corporate army for god and
Country give up your life don't try to figure out what's wrong or
Right you never tried to stop to look to see that you're exactly
What you're told to be you did everything fucking right you
followed the systems guiding light and now you bitch to me to
Fucking get a job when you don't like the fucking life you've
got (you fucking corporate whore)

[chorus (repeat)]

Don't have
to choose to join their

Corporate army [x2]

Your choice [x8]

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