A Traitor Like Judas

Anchor's Lost

Face the fate you made
Once we walked as titans
Once we walked as giants
All we have is debris
All we have are bones

Where once we crushed the earth
And made dust out of the land
We stand to face the things
We could never understand

We've lost the anchor - that kept us floating out at sea
We've lost our compass - smashed underneath our feet
Now we've lost the trail
Among floods of dishonesty
Consequence will call and ask:
'do you remember me?'

We stand as one before the waking of the guard
We stand as one before the recklessness we are
We could breathe holiness right back into this land
If we never start to change, then we'll never understand!

Step out of the chains!
Out of the prison that you made!
It could never be too late!
To save the things that we've betrayed!

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