A Place Tomorrow

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A Place Tomorrow
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So how does it feel to leave everything behind?
Kill the man you were
The one who swore he'd stand through everything...until...
Do you even know? Or did it sneak up and shock you
With what i see every day, every time I look on your once beloved face

You've wandered far from me
Your absence wounds like daggers dug into my skin
And twisted deep, until my heart's blood flows

You had all I wanted and you were all I'd ever hoped to be
But now I can't believe what you've become
I hate what you've become

So what have you found there where you are?
And is it worth all that you've lost?
The destiny you were so eager to see
But you threw it all away

And you don't even seem to care what you've done
To those of us who loved you, and who love you still
Who need you here

How could you just leave me? How could you...

...Leave me lying here without you
Bleeding out without you

So how does it feel to leave everything behind?
How does it feel to know that it was all a lie?
To know that you're a liar

Or is it just that you think you've gone too far
To ever come this way again
When I've been waiting for you all along

But I won't give up hope that someday
I'll have you back in my arms
At least until I see the way things will work out
At the end

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