A Moment To Capture

I, Myself And Me

Your rage I see it building deep within your core.
Blood is thick, pulsing fast, the night draws near.

For all I wanted was to control your mind,
And now here's the consequences if you deny.
I'll rip out your fucking tung and watch you bleed.
You may be a monster, but you dont know me.
I'm a fucking monster wrapped in flesh,
Tightning my grip around your neck.

Get out my fucking head.
I know you've been there all along, Mind fucking psycho!

Now I've got my point across, Sit back and take a listen.
We're gonna burn the world tonight, Buckle up lets take a ride.

In just one night ill show you what it means to live your life,
I'll show you lust and sin, enjoy the things that draw you in.
Just know the consequences could lead you to your death,
Last breath, Last chance, Last shot.

If I fall I'll pull the world down with me.
What is right, what is wrong, who made you god?
I'm free to do what I please.
The only one I listen to Is I, myself and me.

I, myself and me!

I want to live,
Life is a lie.
I want to live,
Life is a lie.
I want to live,
Life is a lie.
I want to live,

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