A Minute Till Midnight

Bullet Belt Disco

I should have never accepted this invitation

All the lights spilled like tipping glasses
But he stood out more then his size 11 s
Guns kissing his hips, loaded up on shots
Eyes like dead suns, setting right on me
He claimed he hadn t killed in a while and was getting hungry

This is the night he said
You ll be dancing round the holes
One missed step, one false move
And you ll be learning how to walk again

Dance bitch!

Knowing I had shoes of failure
And knowing I could not compete with the beat of 9 s
I just let him load the melody and use me to keep time
This tempo was deadly

Amongst the heat of 2 step
The dust was kicking but I fell left footed
Blown wide stance
I joined the slip on the red floor drip

You ve left heels aching and lungs fading
And breathing is now a choice too painful to choose
The secret was to dodge on coming death
But with fatigue in my legs, I just didn t have the moves
Pick apart the moment, and piece me back together
I became the victim with the slowest feet
And the stain that still bleeds off beat

This is what happens when killers meet bad dancers
And when tangos end empty chambered

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